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Online shop: Overview of anodising dyes

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Successful anodising stands and falls with a beautiful, durable colouring. Here we offer special anodizing dyes in indistrial quality produced by worldwide leading manufacturers of colour chemistry. Because of their use for claddings and other open-air conditions these dyes are extremely UV durable and very fertile but although simple to use.
An extensive guidance of anodising and the technical data of our anodizing dyes can be found in the service area!

The color of each associated pattern was created under the following specifications:

  • Material: EN-AW 6060 (3.3206 / AlMgSi0,5)
  • Cleaning/Degreasing: by usage of Cleaning agent for aluminium
  • Current density: 1,5 A/dm²
  • Concentration of sulfuric acid: 18% (see also Schwefelsäure/Anodisierbad)
  • Temperature anodising bath: constant at +19°C
  • Anodising duration: 60 min
Differing parameters of individual color samples and the dye concentrations are specified separately.

Please note:
Our color samples represent only exemplary colorations. Due to the large number of parameters (alloy, layer thickness, temperature, concentrations, durations, etc.) you can change the optical effect of the dyes in a wide range. Similarly because of the structure of anodised coatings the color impression can differ significantly. Photographic images - even under defined conditions - therefore can reflect the real surface aspect only in a limited way.

Anodising dye sample deep black
Deep black

Haematite black
Anodising dye sample red
Anodising dye sample branding red
Branding red
Anodising dye sample wine red
Wine red
Anodising dye sample yellow
Anodising dye chrome yellow
Chrome yellow
Anodising dye sample blue
Anodising dye sample turquoise
Anodising dye sample green
Anodising dye sample violet
Anodising dye sample blue violet
Blue violet
Anodising dye sample pink
Anodising dye sample orange
Anodising dye sample gold
Anodising dye sample bronze/titanium
Anodising dye sample olive brown/titanium
Olive brown/titanium
Anodising dye sample grey
Anodising dye sample brown/ochre
Anodising dye sample genuine bronze
Genuine Bronze
Anodising dye sample copper