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Short description: Haematite black anodising dye in powder form
Dosing: 2-5 grams per litre
Consumption: approx. 4-8 grams per square meter

This black leads to a bluish metallic black. Because this is a one component dye you are also able to create bluish grey color tones using less dye concentrations.

Important note: This dye is not permanent UV durable! Therefore its range of application should not be in outdoor areas (small outdoor phases are without problems). For a permanent UV durable black please use our Deep black or create intermediate color tones by using our Grey, eventually mixed with small portions of other dyes, e.g for a bluish grey.

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Anodising dye haematite black 10g
EUR 7,15(EUR 6,01)
(= EUR 71,50/100g)
Anodising dye haematite black 50g
EUR 30,75(EUR 25,84)
(= EUR 61,50/100g)
Anodising dye haematite black 100g
EUR 54,50(EUR 45,80)
(= EUR 54,50/100g)
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