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Terms and Conditions?

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Why are there no General Terms and Conditions?

„If you can trust a person, you don't need a contract. If you cannot trust him, a contract is useless.“
(Paul Getty, US american industrialist, 1892-1976)

Satisfied customers which recommend us are one of our destinations.

Therefore your confidence is essential.
With (sometimes filling pages) general terms and conditions (GTAC) a company expresses the opposite: “the customer could be a problem for us - let's play it safe and use GTAC for every problem we can think of.“
GTAC are also used to enhance the dealer position compared to you.
However, the legal regulations are absolutely sufficient for you as customer and for us as dealer.
Hence we do it without general terms and conditions.

I f there really should occur any problem, personal contact solves it much faster and much more simple than insisting on GTAC.

We want to work for you and with you and not against you!