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News July 2024
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Anodising: Support, Dyes, Equipment

"Previously we had to wait long, sometimes for weeks - if the desired color was ever available. Now I can offer my customers the anodized prototypes the same day in ten different shades of blue - a real competitive advantage."

You develop prototypes or produce small series? You do not want to wait for weeks for your parts and invest a lot of money in often unsatisfying results? Your customers push for quick prototypes with a perfect finish? Or do you want to embellish just your private aluminium parts and give them a professional and unique look? Then this is for you. We offer everything you need for aluminum anodising:

  • Detailed instructions, technical bulletins, articles and research results
  • Our technical support and guidance - even at the beginning or later problems (via e-mail, our contact form, fax, phone, forum or visit us).
  • All required chemicals in different pack sizes e.g. in our Shop available:
    • Professional, productive anodising dyes for dip coloring at large selection. In addition, we have our own database with proven recipes for exotic color tones. Additional we can assist you when realising special wishes.
    • Anodising inks for for multicolor screenprint, pad printing, airbrushing and much more - and a special diluter.
    • A variety of proven additives for the individual stages of anodizing: conservers, foam additives, additives for hard anodizing and electrolytic polish and additives for high-quality sealing and perfect results.
  • For rack construction we offer a growing range of pure titanium:
    • Titanium wire - cut to length or for customer needs
    • Titanium screws and nuts, washers
    • Smoothed titanium rods
    • Titanium strips
    • Solid titanium sheets including cutting and bending
    • Meshed titanium sheets (e.g. for anodising baskets) including cutting and bending
    • titanium tubes and manufacturing of heat exchangers according to customer specification
    • Under development: cutting of pure titanium sheets given by customer specification
    We also offer the manufacturing of special titanium frames e.g. via stud or TIG welding. In addition we offer various accessories made ​​of pure aluminium, for example aluminium test sheets.
  • Planned are modular assembly lines with microcontroller supervision and remote monitoring for easy, fast and reproducible anodizing of your prototypes or full production runs.

Searching for examples? Here in our forum or in our gallery you will find some.

Our main focuses

Beside anodising technology we have further main focuses (while these overlap with anodizing):

  • Microelectronics - Prototypes and small series: support, development, production
  • System software - e.g. human-machine interfaces for intuitive usability
  • Energy systems - 100% autarkic energy systems
Further informations can be found here.

Beginners' set: „Anodising of aluminium“

This set is designed for totally new beginners in anodising and includes nearly all needed additives and accessory for some first experiments. Together with a new, revised tutorial (which introduces you in this theme step by step) it builds a good start to get to know this fascinating art of surface finishing of aluminium. The set consists of:

  • Detailed printed tutorial (now German and English language)
  • Sodium hydroxide (for stripping off old anodised layers)
  • Titanium wire (for contacting parts)
  • Special cleaning agent for aluminium
  • Anodising dyes deep black, red, and gold, each at least for one litre of dye bath
  • Conservation additive (for the dye baths)
  • Sealing additive
  • Dosing set
  • Test sheets of special aluminium alloy for anodising
To start anodising you only need some sulfuric acid (battery acid), distilled water and a small power supply with adjustable output voltage (better: output current).

Link-Pfeil  To beginners' set