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Included tutorial


This set is designed for totally new beginners in anodising and includes nearly all needed additives and accessory for some first experiments. Together with a new, revised tutorial (which introduces you in this theme step by step) it builds a good start to get to know this fascinating art of surface finishing of aluminium.
The set consists of:

To start anodising you only need some sulfuric acid (battery acid), distilled water and a small power supply with adjustable output voltage (better: output current).

Please note: Due to logistic reasons we can offer the set with the dyes above only. But of course you can order additional dyes.

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Beginners set „Anodising of aluminum“ (German language)
EUR 41,95(EUR 35,25)
Beginners set „Anodising of aluminum“ (English language)
EUR 41,95(EUR 35,25)
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