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Online shop: Overview anodising additives

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Here you find all needed chemicals to achieve perfect results during anodising. Like our colour tones we solely offer products which are used in industrial business. During selection we set a high value on simplest use: by using these products anodising is becoming much less critical and you will get high quality anodised surfaces.
An extensive guidance of anodising and the technical data of our anodizing dyes can be found in our service area!

Cleaning agent aluminium 250g
Cleaning agent for aluminium
Foam additive 30ml
Foam additive
Hard anodising additive 250ml
Hard anodising additive
Conservation additive 30ml
Conservation additive
Buffer additive 250g
Buffer additive
Seal salt
Seal salt
Sealing solution
Sealing solution
Sealing solution 90
Sealing solution 90
Additive for electrolytic polish
Additive for electrolytic polish
Sodium hydroxide 300g
Sodium hydroxide