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Sealing solution 100+250ml

Short description: Liquid additive for hot water sealing
Dosing: 2-3ml per litre of sealing bath

For a good anodising result care must be taken of the sealing. The important factors during the mostly used hot water sealing are duration, temperature, bath consistency and pH-value.
Our sealing solution gives you the following advantages:

We particularly recommend this solution for the main sealing when performing two-step sealing. For further informations of usage/dosage and the different kinds of sealing methods please have a look at our Technical Information TM-2 „Chemicals for anodising“ in our download area.

Tipp: when ordering this article you should order an additional dosing set.

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Sealing solution 100ml
EUR 11,95(EUR 10,04)
(= EUR 11,95/100ml)
Sealing solution 250ml
EUR 19,95(EUR 16,76)
(= EUR 7,98/100ml)
Dosing set
EUR 0,20(EUR 0,17)
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