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Foam additive 30ml

Short description: Liquid foam additive for anodising baths
Dosing: 0,05ml per litre of anodising bath

During anodisation using open baths with sulfuric acid corrosive nebula and vapors are generated which can cause problems. This additive builds a thin foam layer on the bath surface and have the following characteristics:

Important note: this additive is not stable when used in alkalic mediums. Due to this we do not recommend it for etching baths (e.g. containing sodium hydroxid). For this baths please use our special foam additive etching.

Tipp: when ordering this article you should order an additional dosing set.

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Foam additive 30ml
EUR 10,75(EUR 9,03)
(= EUR 35,83/100ml)
Dosing set
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