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Short description: Liquid additive for hot water sealing
Dosing: 2-3ml per litre of sealing bath

For a good anodising result care must be taken of the sealing. The important factors during the mostly used hot water sealing are duration, temperature, bath consistency and pH-value.

In the conventional sealing a temperature above 96°C is necessary. Because of cooking and the resulting evaporation, high energy efford is required. Also evaporated sealing bath has to be replaced often and surrounding areas are affected by water vapor. Alternatively you have to use expensive and cumbersome (lockable lid) pressure vessels. All these disadvantages can be avoided by using our new formulation.

Our sealing solution gives you the following advantages:

We particularly recommend this solution for the main sealing when performing two-step sealing. For further informations of usage/dosage and the different kinds of sealing methods please have a look at our Technical Information TM-2 „Chemicals for anodising“ in our download area.

Tipp: when ordering this article you should order an additional dosing set.

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Sealing solution 90 100ml
EUR 14,95(EUR 12,56)
(= EUR 14,95/100ml)
Sealing solution 90 250ml
EUR 26,95(EUR 22,65)
(= EUR 10,78/100ml)
Dosing set
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