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Anodising dye samples brown/ochre
Samples brown/ochre
The samples show different dye concentrations:
From left to right: 0,2g/litre - 1g/litre
Additional informations regarding the parameters of the samples can be found here.

Additional examples regarding this dye from our photo gallery:
Example 1

Short description: Brown anodising dye in granulate form for easy dosing
Dosing: 0.05-3 grams per litre
Consumption: approx. 2-4 grams per square meter

This brown is useful to create bright or dark ochery aspects. It has a yellow touch.

Depending on concentration of the colouring bath and duration of dyeing you can achieve different saturations - from light silvery to deep dark brown.

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Anodising dye brown/ochre 10g
EUR 7,45(EUR 6,26)
(= EUR 74,50/100g)
Anodising dye brown/ochre 50g
EUR 30,75(EUR 25,84)
(= EUR 61,50/100g)
Anodising dye brown/ochre 100g
EUR 54,50(EUR 45,80)
(= EUR 54,50/100g)
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