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Anodising dye sample deep black
Sample deep black
The color sample shows a dyeing at 10g/litre.
Additional informations regarding the parameters of the sample can be found here.

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Short description: Deep black anodising dye in granulate form for easy dosing
Dosing: 8-10 grams per litre
Consumption: approx. 7-8 grams per square meter

Our most popular colour tone! This black was developed for use with cases of cameras, optical devices, signs, front panels etc. Lightfastness is excellent, also is the fertility. The consumption is appr. 10g per square metre of surface. Examples of colourized optical accessoires can be found in our Gallery.

Note: Because this deep black is a mixture of several dyes and this dyes are different in time to adsorb, please keep in mind: either deep black or nothing. You are not able to produce grey colour tones with this dye. If you are interested in graduation, please choose our anodising dye grey or - for a more metallic black - our haematite black dye.

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Anodising dye deep black 10g
EUR 7,90(EUR 6,64)
(= EUR 79,00/100g)
Anodising dye deep black 50g
EUR 33,20(EUR 27,90)
(= EUR 66,40/100g)
Anodising dye deep black 100g
EUR 58,30(EUR 48,99)
(= EUR 58,30/100g)
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