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Online shop: Titanium tubes / heat exchangers

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Titanium tube 8x0,5mm bended
Titanium tube 8x0,5mm bended
Example titanium heat exchanger
Example heat exchanger
for basin, tube length: 1600mm
Example titanium heat exchanger
Example heat exchanger
for cuvette, tube length: 900mm
Example titanium heat exchanger
Example heat exchanger
Salt water aquarium

For constant low temperatures and reproducible anodizing in thermally stressed baths an active cooling is essential. For highly efficient heat exchangers we offer very thin-walled tubing made ​​of pure titanium.

Titan has with λ=22 W/(m⋅K) a 130 times higher thermal conductivity than, for example, PVC (λ=0.17 W/(m⋅K) - similar for other plastics). And: titanium is much less sensitive to impact and scratch, can be bent easily and is insensitive to temperature fluctuations.

For the tube parameters there exist the following guidelines:

If you want to handle the tubes by yourself, the tubes can easily be cut with a small iron saw.

Please note: For a perfect bending of thin-walled tubes, it takes some experience. So for not generating expensive waste, we advise you to have a complex bended pipe finished by us directly. Simply send us the relevant drawing/sketch. We then examine whether and how your idea is realisable.

For the bending parameters there exist the guidlines below:

Regarding the shipping costs:
Because the online shop is not able to know the volume of the finished bent heat exchanger/tube or the length of individual pieces, as an exception automatically a shipping surcharge (parcels) is added. Please do not transfer this amount after receiving the (automatically generated) order confirmation, but wait for our announcement of the real incidental shipping costs. We check whether we can ship your order by mail. In this case for shipping within Germany there will be no shipping costs and for foreign countries are reduced to the cost of mailing letters. For example: you have you ordered two unbent tubes each 300mm length. So they fit easily into a letter, thus eliminating the parcel costs.
Thank you for your understanding!

Please also note when ordering as an end user:
Your revocation right does not apply to goods that have been produced to customer specification.

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Titanium tube 8x0,5mm (100mm)
EUR 6,55(EUR 5,50)
Bending service for tubes (per bending)
EUR 1,79(EUR 1,50)
Please note: prices do not include shipping costs.