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Titanium rods rounded

Titanium is absolutely resistant in diluted sulfuric acid and therefore an excellent choose to hang up your work pieces in the anodising bath. For this reason the metal is extensively used in industial galvanic/anodising baths.

We here offer titanium bars of highly pure titanium and industrial quality for frame construction or direct contacting (e.g. via added screw threads) at a favourable price.

Please note: Length tolerance is +/- 1mm (299 to 301 mm)
If you need more exact lenghts please note this during address input in text field "Remarks". Thank you!

Please note our minimum order value when ordering small quantities.

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Titanium bar rounded 3mm x 300mm
EUR 4,40(EUR 3,70)
Titanium bar rounded 4mm x 300mm
EUR 4,88(EUR 4,10)
Titanium bar rounded 5mm x 300mm
EUR 5,47(EUR 4,60)
Titanium bar rounded 6mm x 300mm
EUR 7,26(EUR 6,10)
Titanium bar rounded 8mm x 300mm
EUR 11,54(EUR 9,70)
Titanium bar square 10mm x 10mm x 300mm
EUR 13,33(EUR 11,20)
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but available again soon!
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