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These colourless 'ink' is for graduating the other printing inks without changing their viscosity (e.g. z.B. for a very bright blue). In addition this paste is useful to protect a natual coloured writing from being dyed in a colouring bath.
These printing inks are perfect for airbrushing, pad and screen printing, e.g. for solvent- and scratch-resistant front panel symbols and sign labeling.

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Printing ink colourless 15g
EUR 9,95(EUR 8,36)
(= EUR 66,33/100g)
Printing ink colourless 50g
EUR 29,95(EUR 25,17)
(= EUR 59,90/100g)
Printing ink colourless 100g
EUR 52,95(EUR 44,50)
(= EUR 52,95/100g)
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