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Galden LS 230
30ml, 50ml, 100ml

Short description: Perflourinated polyether (PFPE) for vapor phase soldering
Technical data: Density: 1,82g/cm³, boiling point: +230°C

Vapor phase soldering is the most modern, versatile and most gentle type of soldering of electronic components - and the simplest: vapor of exactly defined temperature heats up the solder joints during its condensation and melt them. The size and nature of the electronic components are not important: whether SOP, TQFP or BGA package - in the vapor phase, all components are simultaneously heated to exactly the same temperature. Overheating is inherently impossible!

Following you will find an overview of its biggest advantages:

We offer you small quantities for testing and own soldering stations. Galden LS 230 boils at exactly +230°C, is chemically inert and so very useful for lead-free soldering of SMD and TFT-components as well as many other applications where its properties are beneficial.

Please note that we offer our quantities in volume sizes. Due to the high density of this PFPE you e.g. will get 182 gramms when ordering 100ml!

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Galden LS 230 30ml
EUR 19,04(EUR 16,00)
(= EUR 63,47/100ml)
Galden LS 230 50ml
EUR 28,56(EUR 24,00)
(= EUR 57,12/100ml)
Galden LS 230 100ml
EUR 52,36(EUR 44,00)
(= EUR 52,36/100ml)
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